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Poetul zilei
Ion Stratan
(1955 - 2005)

16 Poezii

Poezia de azi

Cornul de aur al baiatului
de Mircea Ivănescu
scena de dimineata cornul sunand departat,
prin hatisurile albastrii, chemarea la vanatoare glasul

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Something is missing + Maybe it's faith de Anca Baloiu (2019)

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You're a great guy
And I'm sure you know that
Sometimes I wonder why
I want and can not have you

Even if we had things in common
That would not be enough
I Keep thinking about it on and on
Maybe it's wrong, who knows

Good girls aren't lucky in love
Perhaps something is missing
In the end I'll turn this feeling off
If only my heart would listen

Maybe it's faith de Anca Baloiu (2019)

It's that feeling when you stay awake
Comes from the deep of your heart
Voice is trembling, don't know when to start
Is that mood impossible to fake

Like teenagers we fall in love sometimes
Suddenly with no plans made before
No one knows is you that I adore
The feelings of you gives me butterflies

I'm telling him now just before is very late
When I see you smiling I smile too
And the way you talk is so like you
In the end I can't help say maybe it's faith

Or luck who truly knows what this is all about?
Love is a feeling which come and goes
As petals of a beautiful and fragile rose
This is how I feel at this moment, no doubt.

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