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Poetul zilei
Ion Stratan
(1955 - 2005)

16 Poezii

Poezia de azi

Cornul de aur al baiatului
de Mircea Ivănescu
scena de dimineata cornul sunand departat,
prin hatisurile albastrii, chemarea la vanatoare glasul

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I am alone and I am missing you
More words for you can not be true
Nobody see the way I pass through
To touch you again and to love you
You have gone on a trip one day
And told me there s no other way
I have tried hard to bag you stay
But you were cold you gone away
I felt you far in the next morning
I saw you here the breakfast doing
I felt you hot from my arms going
I cryed a lot after your crue leaving
Remember when we both made love
With coloured stars thousands above
And one night first time I felt you far
Even we just made wild love in car
I miss your green beautiful eyes
Both watching me flying up in skies
I feel again yours wet sweet lips
Trying to sing me real videoclips
I felt your breath when embrace me
Why did you go you love me realy
In your presence lapse I felt you far
Life seems me useless like a bazar
Waiting so hard for you to come
Opening closed doors for you I run
You told me once it s just a trip
And I believed your cut tail trick
Now I alone sad anxious and sick
The walls are falling none left brick
You ve gone in other side of world
I wrote I love you with roman bold
But your absence nothing solved
I m fell like a good old dog sold
I let you go and I understood
That for me you are not so good
I knew that you must sing like a star
Like a top singer and artist you are
So from first moment I felt you far
I thought I lost you my lovely star
Can t live alone without you in my life
My smart cool and wonderful wife
You can t live without my twenty
Deep in your soul and often plenty
Even you won t ever sing at next star
Will have me by hand when get in bar
Even you always sing bad and loud
With me as husband you ll be proud


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