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Cezar Baltag
(1937 - 1997)

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Petrecere cu lautari
de Florin Iaru
Cu ciorchini de discurs la ureche
Petrecerea e in toi.
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Because I love you

Vezi toate poeziile din albumul Alle842003

Fear was my worst mistake
Didn't say how much I love you
Indifferece was just a fake
I wish I took the time to show you

I did'n know it hurt so much
Not to tell you how I feel
It was so wrong for me to watch
How your crying made you ill

But you're the sunshine when it rains
And the one who makes me smile
You're the answer to my prayers
So please hold on and stay a while

Take my hand and close your eyes
Feel my breath above your lips
Love for you will never die
Those are moments that I miss

Let me have your heart again
Put your soul back next to mine
Let me prove you i'm a man
Everything wil be just fine

Because I love you.

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