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(1957 - ?)

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Cand ne-am urat si ne-am iubit plangand
de Daniel Turcea
Rememorarea de-ntamplari confuze
Copii crucificati ca niste
Cu paznici veseli pentru ingeri tristi,

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The last lost..

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Tonight I will try to leave in the dark
To not look behind, to wipe off the mark,
A picture of you I will paint in my heart
To always remember my finest art.

A new day will come, I will still fight..
You won't be around and I'll still asking 'why?',
No time for regrets, was love but no share,
Here I am again heading to nowhere.

I still hear your voice, words in my mind
I want to move on, not reverse in behind,
My arms were wide open when I was hit
My love is still real, my pain becomes myth.

Is there a chance for us, for our love to survive?!
A chance for tomorrow without question 'why?'
To find you again, to feel that you're mine,
They are just the illusions playing in my mind.

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