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No one has ever succeeded
To take photo a beautiful jewel
Authentic and will not succeed
Using UHD 6K will still be wrong
A big heart of a blue diamond
Is impossible to keep her in house
But you can marry her for long
Keep it like a flower in a vase
You care buy a car model base
And then you give money for gasoline
You know will be hard but easy online
In leasing you have it at least once
Be proud of the whole world dance
Your now blue life commence
Not pink as before take a glance
You re upset man I see you dead
Now you do not see me anymore
At the church the nose is in amoled
You thought at android and core
About my father what else to say
I am Jesus my mouth is cold
In your head the sins explode
I see you from heaven every day
You have become small depressing man
You are fat you have a drunkard figure
A character of nothing zero anvergure
Puerile incompetent and is too late
Wake you up from your nightmare
Be performant to play at the dam
Do not accept your own life jam
You live in the country run by psychopaths
Not by state brave men just by rats
Not by incorruptibles and erudites
Not by geniuses or by professionals
You are a wooden wheel in the system
You are a rotten chain I m afraid a stem
Which they can dispense any moment
Null psychopaths driving your country
I gave you the Blue Heart out of the sky
That you can use to buy the whole world
More precious more expensive than gold
You can punish torturers and thieves
Counterfighters and idiot fake criminals
Those who judge shrewdly as lawyers
With fake proofs and odious securists
With protocols and corrupt policemen
You can punish politicians well paid
Who explains it is not good live straight
And not live life in wealthy or even to die
To enrole in the army and be cannon meat
Go to other countries to work like a shit
You can punish prosecutors for mistakes
Not only worship me and upload prayers
To other gods and creatures enlightened
To escape your country of psychopaths
Jesus my name is Blue Heart fear of rats
You had come in us and our lives rise
You gave me children you gave me wife
So depressed how you see me this life
Sometimes I feel go into the grave no lie
I make you GoD a secret engagement
How long I will live on this blue earth
I am starting to apply your holy word
Even today I swear this on my sword
Well ok my brave Blue Heart come on
Hurry is late May take your commitment
You will dance and I will sing by whistle
No human ax tails hired with corn powder
We fly again Blue Heart to the big disaster
Look down at the prosecutors school
Then we are also flying to judges pool
We would land on the quidditch site
For handcuffs matches applied polite
Then we go straight into the lead office
I must confess I do not like it in practice
Jesus and Blue Heart we are waiting for you
One more month one year plus sorry
Hell what the hell I did do not worry
I reformed from zero the prosecutors school
I am not doing gossip prosecutors anymore
More studies now are four years quite cool
Ready with 2 years incompetent or more
Ready with peasants and torturers kids
Ready with X and 0 tests and profans
Now they learn advanced forensics
Weapons guns munition physical ballistic
After 4 years we send them in field artistic
They do not stay in offices a little briskness
To bronze a little to the skin avoid illness
With police not to rank files as a zen
We teach them not to pretend robin hood
Even if many still have a head of wood
We teach them stop lies and torturing
Enlighten law and justice no harassing
Stop believe all they are the justice kings
And that they are like judges magistrates
To know they respond for their mistakes
Criminal proceedings in criminal justice
Professionally at the wounded mother council
They go in jail and I have a premonition still
That after the recent parliamentary elections
They promised them half of their pensions
Jesus is fine now what we do for light ?
Can we get this country out of blight
That s good he s my Blue Heart delegate
He will be your boss in this work not late
I descend again from heaven after 4 years
Not find one file unworked or classified
With incompetent ordonances terrified
Not even accused people on false evidences
From silly incompetence or lying testimonies
Corridors in justice that brings death
And secret illegal security protocols
I look forward these demands to bless
In 4 years new prosecutors but I confess
If they will be the same I abolish this mess
Then I go to the cop of the country high badges
And I teach him to work directly with the judges
All forget that the prosecutors have ever been
Let s fly again now Blue Heart don t stay
At the polytechnic they are on wrong way
Your country has no longer good engineers
They all left or the faculties are made ashes
Sure you do not make just dum dum buletts
This was a famous prodigious university
A world bastion of science and technicity
The best math and the olympic physics
They dreamed a golden future for six years
Blue Heart ready now we meet the rector
Who once was a scientist not a director
Or the country s best physicist or
The best mathematical professor
Now rector I hear you have president
At the polytechnic council a chemist
The one with politics and the eternal minister
With four Facebook friends and made disaster
No photo at profile sad face kind of communist
GoD but rector what s on your mind ?
You don t make engineers tell you kind
I see parents and graduates hardly crying
Doctorates and masters without covering
Engineer diplomas that not profess
Who always regrets and confesses
That did not learn anything more than six years
That are categorized incompetents by farmers
Students say they only learned squares
And rectangles and expired theories
That there is no physics mathematics
Three thousand girls are admitted in
Many who actually hate engineering
And only do it to show their dresses
The heels of 15 cm and stupidness
Singing filthy manele and GoD bless
No one will hire anymore the graduates
The engineer diplomas are on the walls
I also have sure and dark premonitions
Engineers are stupid as prosecutors in justice
Here you design all the processes wrong slice
Magistrates convicted from innocent defendants
You make from non technical people engineers
They from the criminals and thieves good guys
You are right your holy Jesus forgiveness
And tell your father GoD up there in skies
That I am a man like any
Now I have nothing to say
This is the fate of our dear beautiful country
To get her in disaster with bellicose policies
No one wants to learn anymore in reality
All quick graduate and then only speeches
But holy one who s sir with you I see good
He is gonna tell you himself head of wood
Rector I am Blue Heart I see you speechless
We were roommates and knocking you chess
When say you won I made you checkmates
You ate for free in canteen and did donkeys
I was Olympic on country in Year 2 and First
What have you done with this country of ours?
I see it now as a monkey through the windows
How she twist then he plunges
How she imitates man then rolls
How she does all outside idiocy
Makes our life cruel bitter and grey
Let s go Jesus I m sick of it
I m disgust by myself I vomit
Let s fly back in our skies Blue Heart
We shall come back in mode smart


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