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There s one great fear for mankind
You may say more but true is time
I ve got some fears this life of mine
Since I was child to present time
A fear of childhood was to grow up
To be a strong boy and good enough
To love this life and to be smart
To love humanity with all my heart
Time turn me from a little boy
That feel the happiness in a toy
That build houses from cartoon
That look to skies after the moon
Into a lovely young beautiful man
Going to school eat ink and pen
Going with girls to dance and then
Kissing with all and embrace them
All girls from school loved me
I know this and as you can see
Time passed did not change me
Could look more bad than I want be
Were many bright days with joy
Those days turn me man from boy
And reach in best town high school
With good teachers and none fool
Learned all the wonders of the world
Learning from pleasure as I told
Learning from duty not for gold
Time was good like kept in hold
Hearing all time arround me
Lovely ladies as they could be
Oh what beautiful boy I see
Maybe he come dance with me
This was the story of my life
I thing that s why I had you wife
Tall smart sporty and nice
I didn t ask you for wife twice
Time then get me in the army
Was brave soldier of our country
Nine months of cigars with candy
Learn to defend with no laundry
Learn to cook quick hundred meals
Time was bad like kept in stop
Time was frozen our eyes drop
Learn to survive in prison seals
But after army life was bright
Even in our young eyes sight
Things in life seem were right
Reached in the hardest faculty
Five years of studies were for me
Time was cool now let it be
From the best high school boy
I once knew me now with joy
I became master of science
With nine mark for compliance
Time was high the motors start
All wanted me beauty and smart
Everywhere I had my great part
Time get me in unique places
Where nobody were around me
Where only me as you can see
Where no others and no voices
Only me and my invention
Only me and my creation


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