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Should I be happy
When all I want has a price?
The spark is fading from my eyes
And the scars from my heart I canít disguise.

I scratch your figure with my nails
And the wall is screeching wickedly
I tried to smile but itís so useless
When my life is everybodyís mockery.

They told me I would never make it
And threatened me to better leave it
They have kicked me when I was down
My so-called friends never were around!

Sometimes I wonder if this is my end
If this day has come to wipe me away
I wonder if it will exist some day
When I wonít fade in decay again.

Iíve tried so badly to change my luck
Life gave me dreams that wonít come true
I guess Iím just a waste, a mess
Iíll have to accept, I canít be the best.

Someday Iíll have to leave this place
Dead memories are now revived
Sad past scenes are so well outlined
This vicious circle drives me insane!

I can hear the unfriendly silence
My mouth is opened, but they canít hear me
I fall in despair, no one can help me
Save me, please, donít turn off the light!

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